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Top Tips for Employee Engagement

12th March 2019

Using Health & Safety as a leadership lever:

Do you struggle to implement change into your organisation?

Are you concerned with the lack of productivity and growth in your company?

Consider developing your Health & Safety approach to engage employees on a range of business challenges:


  • Selling ideas on logic alone rarely works, it only accesses one part of the brain!
  • Making a personal connection is key – consider how you feel first and then how you think.


  • Extend Health & Safety discussions to personal wellbeing including family and friends. The WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) becomes clear.
  • Consistent clarity on the way forward is critical – if employees can see the road ahead in the form of a company vision, they will feel more assured.
  • Leverage the ‘Halo effect’ – some topics are difficult to personalise, eg. integrating a new expenses system.  If you have gained buy-in via H&S, then inspire participation through that goodwill.


  • When employees feel listened to, focus areas are identified that are both good for individuals and good for the company.
  • People can see how it develops them and allows them to grow.

Using Health & Safety as a leadership lever will generate engaged employees on any topic with open minds to listen and participate.

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