Transforming Business Culture

For effective risk management and corporate success.

People, tasks and the wider organisation are the three key factors in any Health & Safety situation. These are influenced internally by business culture and externally by requirements of society. We help navigate and fully understand the factors that can be controlled as well as those that can be influenced for efficient and effective risk management.


Oversight is critical for monitoring key business processes such as Health & Safety. Using our Business Review process, we will thoroughly explore the company values and vision as well as leadership behaviours and the company culture.


Key Performance Indicators are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll go way beyond the statistics and graphs to take a look at your current safety performance. We’ll evaluate how you’re delivering your H&S strategy identifying potential barriers to success, skills gaps and improvements to the technical content.

Risk Management

Risk management is undertaken in other parts of the business and the approach is the same for Health & Safety at board level. We can provide support and coaching in effective risk management for senior leaders in Health & Safety and how it can effectively be embedded into the core business processes.

Great session, really thought provoking and to see non-safety people in the room engaging with the leadership challenges. A must for any leader to reset their priorities around safety.
Head of Sustainability - attended IOSH Leading Safely

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