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A selection of our published articles, we hope you find them thought-provoking!

Making the Health & Safety Bridge…

19th October 2015

Why, when we are doing so many things to address business risk, are we making so little progress in improving our H&S results? The leader of any organisation is presented with the task of setting the direction of travel and taking the business with them. The success of this task… Read More

Risk Assessment Issues…

9th October 2015

Risk Assessment is lacking in every incident we investigate – why is the message not getting through? Risk assessment is primarily a thought process and not a work product! Whenever we set out to undertake an activity in business, a really simple, but important, question is: Why are we doing… Read More

An introduction to DBC….

7th October 2015

Darren Broadhead Consulting Ltd is a company set up to to support business in achieving high levels of H&S Performance. We have the knowledge, skills and experience required to enable you to influence all levels of your organisation to become effective contributors to a sustainable H&S culture. On a regular… Read More

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