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Are directors and managers human and do they make errors?

8th December 2015

The “Clamour for Consequences” and “Fair and Just Culture” have been the subject of recent blogs and a strong part of the discussion around enabling excellence in Health & Safety.  The recent news update regarding a tragic amusement park incident caused me to pause again and think about the language… Read More

Adapting To Change  – Are You Ready?

27th November 2015

For many parts of the country, last week brought the first frosts and snow of the winter. Were you ready and how did your teams respond? Did you communicate any extra control measures to your teams, maybe via a toolbox talk or a safety alert? A recently published article identified,… Read More

The Need for a  Fair and Just Culture… (Part 2)

16th November 2015

The workforce don’t trust the Executive Group’s motivations around investigating incidents, what can we do about it? Continuing from Part 1….the workforce doesn’t trust an incident investigation process and, by extension, the H&S Vision of the business. The output of the process appears to target operative level employees only in terms of… Read More

The Need for a Fair and Just Culture…(Part 1)

3rd November 2015

The workforce don’t trust the Executive Group’s motivations around investigating incidents – why might that be? When there is an incident, many organisations will have set the expectation that they want to learn what has happened (identify the root cause) and prevent this happening again (update the risk control… Read More

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