Our Latest Insights on Health & Safety Leadership

A selection of our published articles, we hope you find them thought-provoking!

Employee safety costs too much time and money…

18th March 2019

Culturally, most large organisations view Health & Safety requirements through the prism of compliance and visibility rather than leadership and culture. Time and again, this leads to a small increase in employee attention but fundamentally changes nothing about the behaviour of leaders or employees towards Health, Safety and wellbeing. A… Read More

Top Tips for Employee Engagement

12th March 2019

Using Health & Safety as a leadership lever: Do you struggle to implement change into your organisation? Are you concerned with the lack of productivity and growth in your company? Consider developing your Health & Safety approach to engage employees on a range of business challenges: Influence: Selling ideas on… Read More

Making Health & Safety heard…

2nd March 2019

Health & Safety is often managed within a business as a compliance issue. Employees are told what to do and chastised for getting it wrong. Adhering to the company’s H&S policy is the sole goal.  Here, we consider the impact of leadership to deliver a more consistently successful outcome for… Read More

The H&S Advisor role & it’s evolution: what do they actually do now?

28th June 2018

A key component of our approach in supporting companies to develop strong Health & Safety performance is that H&S must be integrated into the roles of everyone.  More specifically, leaders must lead it, managers must manage it and employees must employ it to deliver the company vision to send everyone home… Read More

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