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Plane speaking – it’s all in a day’s work for the Reds

9th May 2019

They’re a world-famous display team. They fly in impressive shapes and formations, at 400mph – sometimes just six feet apart – and are known for leaving multi-coloured vapour trails across the sky. These nine iconic jets, called the Red Arrows, are not only admired by huge crowds at air shows,… Read More

Rockin’ All Over The World

2nd May 2019

She may be the youngest female Prime Minister in the world, but Jacinda Ardern’s style of leadership is so refreshing, that its attracting attention and applause from around the globe. By her own admission, she’s deliberately empathetic and compassionate, something which she believes makes her a stronger leader – and,… Read More

Has your safety performance stalled?

26th March 2019

When reviewing your company’s safety performance, do you find yourself longing looking at the graph of incidents? Do you find yourself thinking “why won’t my employees take more care? Why have they had so many accidents?” Or do you think: “we’re doing ok, no incidents this month/year. No problems to… Read More

Employee safety costs too much time and money…

18th March 2019

Culturally, most large organisations view Health & Safety requirements through the prism of compliance and visibility rather than leadership and culture. Time and again, this leads to a small increase in employee attention but fundamentally changes nothing about the behaviour of leaders or employees towards Health, Safety and wellbeing. A… Read More

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