Our Latest Insights on Health & Safety Leadership

Making your Management Review a Success…

3rd November 2017

Often seen as an onerous task to be done at the end of the year, we often fail to put time and effort into the completion of a high quality management review. “It’s boring/not relevant to me/not my job” – these are just some of the criticisms levelled at the… Read More

What makes a Good Leader?

13th June 2017

I have recently been involved in the launch of a new national leadership development workshop. This training course helps both established and recently appointed senior managers fine-tune their focus on leadership. As new insights are gathered from each set of workshop participants, I’ve identified some key leadership themes as follows:… Read More

Safety Leadership – Bridging the Gap

11th May 2017

“Why do our Health & Safety results never consistently improve?” I was asked recently to comment on why lots of activity to improve Health & Safety at a large organisation was not having the desired impact. “Despite all the H&S activities we have completed, there has been no reduction in… Read More

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