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Why businesses can’t react their way to world-class

9th July 2019

Being world-class is a choice. It’s an attitude. Take an Olympic athlete or gifted musician. An athlete has to be able to run faster or jump higher than their opponents – and a musician, the ability to apply their craft with unrivalled passion and precision. What each of them has… Read More

Good leaders allow good employees to make mistakes

24th June 2019

We all make mistakes. Every one of us. It doesn’t matter how talented and well trained we are – or how passionate and motivated. What does matter though is this: businesses with a high-performing and positive learning culture – or those aspiring to achieve it – allow mistakes. These enable… Read More

All Change

17th June 2019

Let’s talk menopause. Yes, lets. This great taboo of a subject which has spent years quietly hidden under the proverbial carpet, is slowly making its way into the open. With everyone from Carol Vorderman to Kirsty Wark and Lorraine Kelly talking about it, the menopause is going from complete mystery… Read More

Leaders we admire…

23rd May 2019

By his own admission, Virgin customers are not his top priority. His employees are. Richard Branson has always been crystal clear on his business philosophy. Employees first, customers second and shareholders third. Because in the end, shareholders do well, the customers do better, and your staff remains happy.That’s probably why… Read More

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