Taking Corporate Leadership to the Next Level

Our courses offer world-class Safety Leadership insights and training to expand your leadership potential and transform your business.

At Darren Broadhead Consulting, we offer training and events throughout the year to allow leaders to incorporate excellent leadership practice with their Health & Safety and overall business strategy. They also have the opportunity to network with other senior leaders and share best practice. We offer in-house or open courses, please contact us for more information. 

Senior Leadership Training - Global

Through building your understanding of leadership ‘levers’ that apply to Health & Safety, this workshop enables you to start transforming the H&S performance of your organisation. It will also enhance your ability to influence the wider business culture and other areas of your company. This is usually run in-house and therefore tailored to the needs of your organisation. With a wide amount of technical, leadership and cultural knowledge, we can deliver a transformational workshop both within the UK and worldwide. 

Please contact us for further information.

Business Review - Global

To initiate your business culture transformation, we offer a comprehensive Business Review service to health-check your organisation. We take time to really get under the skin of the cultural strengths and opportunities of the company and work with you to create a Road Map for success. Health & Safety is the initial focus but very quickly this expands into wider conversations about company culture, leadership and employee contributions.

This is not an audit, there is no pass or fail – only opportunities to really succeed in terms of commercial efficiency, leadership style and employee motivation.

Please contact us for further information. 

Regional Networking Events - UK

We regularly participate in workshops in the East Midlands, UK with representatives from key high quality organisations & consultancies that we have partnered with and who share our values.

Together we invite all businesses based in that area to attend and to further expand their understanding of business processes including HR, H&S, IT and legal considerations. There is a nominal charge to attend these events to cover costs.

We will update you here with further information regarding our next event.

IOSH Leading Safely Workshop

IOSH Leading Safely is a one day workshop that delivers sector-leading IOSH approved training from Darren Broadhead Consulting.

If you have leadership responsibilities within a company and particularly if you provide advice to senior leaders within a business, then this course is for you. Our open courses are held in Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK and we also provide in-house course throughout the UK and overseas.

Course booking enquiry

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