Our Approach to your Leadership Success

Business success relies on an organisation with clear vision and values, accountable leadership and motivated people. Our techniques apply these principles to Health & Safety with transformational outcomes for your company. With our combination of technical, leadership and business management experience, we enable our clients to develop strong leadership skills and help you improve overall business performance across your organisation.

Darren Broadhead

Darren Broadhead is a global Health & Safety leadership specialist and Chartered Fellow of IOSH who has nearly twenty five years of experience working across many sectors including automotive, aeronautical, food, packaging, construction materials. His experience spans six continents and has addressed Health & Safety Performance Improvement in a wide variety of cultures and organisations. He is supported by a team with extensive experience in providing corporate level project management and commercial support. This ensures the most appropriate service offer is made to each client to best meet their needs.

Katy Broadhead

Katy Broadhead is a change management specialist and business manager. With over 15 years experience within the UK and internationally, in technical and commercial divisions of multinational blue chip companies such as Mars, Mondelez and Fonterra, Katy is passionate about changing how people behave through a hearts and minds approach. Results focused, she is keen to ensure that our clients can see, feel and therefore achieve the commercial benefits of integrating excellent H&S leadership and change management habits into their organisations.

Darren Broadhead Consulting Ltd

Our Vision:

  • To revolutionise how leaders think, speak and act about people’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

Our Values:

  • Integrity: be honest and credible
  • Reliability: be dependable, authentic and consistent
  • Respect:  treat people with due consideration and courtesy
  • Sustainable: consider our key relationships in all the decisions we make
  • Agile: be responsive and learn constantly from our interactions with others
  • Pragmatic: exercise a practical, efficient and realistic approach in all that we do
  • Quality: be the best we can be in all that we do

Our Strategy:

  • Deliver exceptional training that transforms the working habits of our clients and their organisations.
  • Continually learn and improve our service offer based on our client experience and feedback.
  • Build long standing and trusted relationships with our clients, our strategic partners and our key suppliers.
  • Be as effective and efficient as possible to ensure our continued growth as a sustainable and productive business.

We were impressed by Darren Broadhead’s conscientious preparation of the Visible Felt Leadership seminar, dedicated approach to deliver the content and availability for questions, comments and explanations. We will continue our training process with Darren and recommend his methods and programs.
Pierre J. Doumet – CEO, Cimenterie Nationale s.a.l., Lebanon

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