Transforming Your Business Culture For Success

We put leadership at the heart of Health & Safety.

By reframing health, safety and employee wellbeing as a business-wide opportunity, we develop your established leadership skills and company perspective to include Health & Safety.

We will work with you to ‘build the bridge’ linking company beliefs and values to everyday behaviour for your senior management team and employees. This enables a transformational change in your whole business culture.

About Us

Support Senior Leaders

Effective leadership is the backbone of any successful organisation Through our motivational and inspiring workshops, we can significantly enhance your business leadership skills. This improves efficiency for key areas including project management, health & safety and employee productivity. 

Transform Business Culture

Business culture is underpinned by the beliefs and values of a company. A combination of the company vision and organisational factors make a critical contribution to effective business performance. We work with you to define these key components and improve your business performance.

Develop Employee Skills

People with the right combination of leadership and management competencies are essential to support businesses looking to improve their Health & Safety performance and across all areas of an organisation. We can help you to review and train current employees and to recruit new staff.

Darren Broadhead Consulting has worked closely with the Essentra Packaging Division to create and deliver a world-class Leadership Development Workshop. We are already seeing immediate benefits in how our leaders approach Health & Safety. They are planning proactively to drive our H&S performance forward, they have adapted how they monitor progress, respond to incidents and are far more aware about how they communicate on Health & Safety. I can fully recommend DBC’s approach to transforming how we think and behave around Health & Safety.
Keith Merrie MBE CFIOSH - Divisional HSE Manager HPCP - EU & Asia, Essentra Packaging and Security

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